Jack Dorsey’s Block completes Bitcoin mining chip, announces development of full system

Jack Dorsey’s firm Block has unveiled a significant advancement in Bitcoin (BTC) mining technology with the completion of its three-nanometer (3nm) mining chip.

The company is now finalizing a full tape out of the chip at a leading global semiconductor foundry, marking a substantial upgrade from its earlier five-nanometer prototype.

The new chip targets improved efficiency and decentralization in Bitcoin mining, aligning with industry needs as it transitions into the fifth mining epoch after the recent fourth halving of the block subsidy.

Drawing on the success of the tested 5nm chip prototype — which met all design expectations and yielded vital data — Block has optimized the 3nm chip to enhance performance and support mining operators in a fiercely competitive market.

According to the firm, these insights played a crucial role in developing the 3nm chip, which enhances mining hardware performance and enables miners to remain competitive in a challenging market.

Fully mining system

Beyond the standalone mining chip, Block is also pioneering a complete mining system. The system capitalizes on the company’s expertise in product and software development, system engineering, robust supply chain management, and comprehensive customer support. It aims to introduce innovations and improvements in mining hardware form factors and use cases.

The firm plans to leverage this integrated approach to spur innovation in mining hardware configurations and functional applications, thus meeting a broader range of miner needs.

Block said it has been engaging directly with the Bitcoin mining community to pinpoint challenges and areas for improvement across several aspects of mining operations, including pre-sales discovery, purchasing processes, hardware reliability, maintenance, software features, transparency, and post-sales support.

The company has invited the mining community to continue offering feedback to further refine and enhance its products. Those interested can share their experiences and suggestions via the designated contact email as Block continues to update and expand its mining hardware solutions.

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