Nigerian BICCoN calls for crypto exchanges round table with SEC chief amid crackdown

  • Recently, crypto exchanges like Binance have found themselves under serious scrutiny in Nigeria
  • The BICCoN-led initiative for a meeting between the SEC chief and crypto exchanges reflects a commitment to fostering a conducive crypto environment.
  • The outcome of the discussions holds the potential to shape the future trajectory of crypto regulation in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s cryptocurrency landscape is witnessing a flurry of activity as regulatory discussions heat up. Amidst crackdowns by the Nigerian Central Bank (CBN) on crypto transactions, the Blockchain Industry Coordinating Committee of Nigeria (BICCoN) has called for a pivotal meeting between the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) chief and local and international crypto exchanges.

Regulatory dialogue fuels hope for crypto exchanges

Despite efforts to promote regulatory clarity, Nigeria’s crypto space faces contradictions and challenges amid recent actions by the Nigerian Central Bank including crackdowns on crypto transactions and probes into cryptocurrency usage. Moreover, telecommunications providers have been compelled to block local crypto users from accessing various crypto exchanges’ websites.

Also, in 2022, the SEC introduced new crypto rules, including a substantial hike in registration fees for crypto exchanges, sparking criticism, particularly due to the potential disadvantage to local entities.

The meeting, slated for May 6, aims to address the regulatory challenges and seek consensus on the country’s crypto status. It signals a potential turning point in Nigeria’s crypto regulatory landscape after a period of intense crackdown on cryptocurrency activities in the country.

Dr. Emomotimi Agama, the newly appointed SEC Director General, has extended invitations to industry players, including Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG), Cryptographic Development Initiative in Nigeria (CDIN), Digital Currency Consortium (DCC), and Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN).

If fruitful the meeting will foster collaborative efforts in navigating regulatory challenges and unlocking opportunities for growth within Nigeria’s crypto ecosystem.

With diverse perspectives being brought to the table, there is optimism that the meeting could spark positive changes benefiting all crypto stakeholders in Nigeria and on the international stage.

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