‘Treasures Await Bold Adventurers’ of Doodles: Space Mission S1

Doodles is on a mission. Just four days after revealing its movie debut, ‘Dullsville and the Doodleverse‘, the NFT brand announces, “Doodles: Space Mission season one is here”. 

Through the NFT brand’s exciting new virtual realm, ‘Space Explorers’ are sent on a journey to an uncharted cosmic boundary.

An established tracking tool in the Stoodio monitors each fleet’s daily accumulation of ‘Space Miles’. However, the purpose and potential ramifications of these miles have yet to be unveiled. 

Source: X (Doodles)

Mechanics of Doodles’ Space Mission

Though the exact rewards remain unknown, participants’ success in the Doodles Space Mission hinges on the variety and number of Space Explorers joining the action, which influences daily space mile accumulation.

Dooplicators, a once-free device for OG Doodles holders, boost energy for space explorers and unlock treasures and mysteries in the Doodleverse.

Starting April 10, the game’s space miles tracker will be updated for the first time, spotlighting which Space Explorers are leading the expedition into the Doodleverse.

To embark on this thrilling venture, participants must log into Doodles’ Stoodio, connect an Ethereum wallet holding Doodles OG, and launch the OGs into space.

The progress of this innovative game can be followed through the mission control link at http://doodles.app, offering a window into the ongoing exploration.

As Doodles: Space Mission progresses, the dynamics powering it will become more evident, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

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