Yuga Labs will build its Otherside metaverse on Improbable’s Msquared

Yuga Labs and Improbable have teamed up to build a metaverse dubbed Otherside, the companies announced during a Town Hall meeting for Otherside.

The companies announced that Yuga Labs will migrate its Otherside metaverse onto Msquared, which is Improbable’s network of interconnected metaverses — something that is being announced today during an online town hall.

Improbable and Yuga Labs will reveal other news related to Otherside’s development, including more events, a massive multiplayer event coming in July, and a World Builder ODK which is an extension of the M2 ODK to put tools in the hands of Voyagers to build on Otherside. 

Yuga Labs’ town hall for Otherside.

What that means ultimately is that by re-establishing Otherside on Improbable infrastructure and technology, Yuga Labs will provide Otherside community the ability to build, in a mass-scale environment, and with interoperability between the metaverses that are already on the Improbable network. 

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GamesBeat Summit Call for Speakers

We’re thrilled to open our call for speakers to our flagship event, GamesBeat Summit 2024 hosted in Los Angeles, where we will explore the theme of “Resilience and Adaption”.

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The two companies have been doing special Otherside events together.

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